Cube 8 Studio is an independent, creative design studio, specialising in designing and delivering workplace environments using our unique Human-Centred Design (HCD) approach. For us, people are at the heart of everything that we do. And it shows in our work.

Cube 8 Studio

James Christian Scott has been designing beautiful, functional and meaningful spaces for over 18 years; He believes people’s needs, wellbeing and experiences should be at the heart of every workplace, and so Cube 8 Studio was formed in 2016 to focus on doing just that. Having previously designed projects such as Award-winning 50,000 sqft Bolton HQ, Rental Cars 49,000 sqft office voted best in Manchester and Senator Groups 55,000 sqft HQ in Altham. James and his expert team have brought life-changing spaces to life from conception to creation.
On average, we spend half of all our waking moments at work. That’s a long time to waste if your staff feel trapped, uninspired, demotivated or have no sense of purpose and belonging. After all, an environment with worn carpet tiles, peeling wallpaper, a wilted potted plant and a lack of connection won’t inspire ideas to change the world.

Cube 8 Studio
Our Name

The Cube 8 Studio name was born from exploring the concept of space itself. How do we begin to understand and analyse space? What services need to work in synergy to design and deliver human-centered workplaces? Firstly, when faced with an empty space at the beginning of a project, a designer has a blank canvas. The empty space the interior designer is faced with can be seen as a cube; four walls, a floor and a ceiling. Then, to fully understand the environment, we must look from all eight vertices.

As a serendipitous strike, Cube 8 Studio has eight services that, when collaborating and working in synergy, can create truly magnificent places to work.

Our Logo

Our logo was then designed from our name. If you look closely, you’ll see a 3D cube, a number eight and the letter ‘S’ - thus creating our unique identity.

Cube 8 Studio, it's in the name!...

Our Misson

To put people’s needs and wellbeing at the heart of everything we do

Our Vision

To bring in a new standard of workplace interiors that transform peoples lives

Our Personality

We push the boundaries of our creative imagination.

We are fearless and confident in our approach.

We placed human welfare and happiness at the centre of our decision making.

We follow our heart with passion and action to bring your dream into reality.

Our Values

Being true to our work, our word, our clients.

We think the unimaginable, we do the unthinkable.

We go above and beyond to exceed our client's expectations.

We design with natural materials being at the forefront of our selection.