Building Appraisal


Building appraisals are the foundation of all good interior projects. The devil is in the detail, so no corners should be cut.

Our Process 

It all starts at the very beginning. Working closely with your Commercial Agent, we produce a detailed building appraisal based on your shortlisted spaces. Some of the info we provide includes:

  • Space plans to show how your business could occupy the workspace.
  • A cost plan for fit-out or refurbishment & FFE.
  • Reports on M&E systems.
  • A list of issues that would be the landlord’s responsibility to rectify.
  • A report on natural light, ventilation and quality of views.

The Commercial Agent will advise on building facts such as rent, rates and service charges. We provide consultancy support, giving an independent, objective comparison. That way, you have the confidence and support to decide which property is best suited to your needs, dreams and budget.

Does your building fit your occupancy brief?

Our building appraisals leave you completely in the know, so that you are informed and confident throughout. To help you visualise the results, we can provide block plans and space plans to show you how each building may come to life.

We can also advise you on likely fit-out costs, construction timescales and base build features, such as air conditioning, fire glazing, building control and DDA compliance. Not necessarily the sexy stuff, but the very important stuff.

We organise the surveys to safeguard your commitment:

  • General Building Survey
  • M&E Survey (always an issue)
  • Structural Survey
  • Building longevity

All of this information puts us in a clued-up position to be able to assist your Agent in negotiating the best deal for your office space.

What that means for you

  • Contracts can be exchanged with due diligence
  • Important data is gathered on natural light and fresh air
  • Plenty of opportunities to negotiate better terms
  • Clear comparisons can be drawn against other buildings
  • Potential issues are identified and costs are gathered early on
  • Space plans can be tested, to show you how you can occupy the space

You can exchange contracts with due diligence, fully confident that your office space will work for you - all completely within the budget!

Allermuir_    Chicago Showroom

Allermuir_ Chicago Showroom

STATUS_ Design Stage
SIZE_ 5200 sqft
SERVICES_ Building Appraisal, Space Planning, Workplace Interior Design, Workspace Furniture

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Senator Group_ london showroom

Senator Group_ london showroom

LOCATION_ Clerkenwell, London
STATUS_ Design Stage
SIZE_ 14,000 sqft
SERVICES_ Building Appraisal, Space Planning, Workplace Interior Design, Workspace Furniture

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Senator Group_ HQ England

Senator Group_ HQ England

LOCATION_ Altham, Accrington
STATUS_ On-going
SIZE_ 50,000 sqft
SERVICES_ Space Planning, Brand & Identity, Workplace Design, Furniture & Accessories

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ELECTRA HOUSE_ co-working space

ELECTRA HOUSE_ co-working space

LOCATION_ Arndale Centre, Manchester
STATUS_ Completed, 2019
SIZE_ 10,000 sqft
SERVICES_ Interior Design

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