Human-Centered Design

Supercharges your employees like nothing else, by giving them the tools they need, a culture they can celebrate and an environment they can thrive within.


It's all about aligning your organisation’s work patterns, needs, culture, and technology with your workplace environment to enable peak performance, increase profit and well-being, and create outstanding employee experiences. And most of all happiness!


We believe that the primary focus of workplace design should be about human needs, well-being, and experiences. That is how you truly improve working lives.


Human-Centred Design (HCD) is the pride and joy of the Cube 8 Studio portfolio. Our dynamic unique design process starts with you through a series of interviews and questionnaires, workshops and observations and ends with a workplace and employee experience strategy tailored for your business and employees success.

Cube 8 Studio are HCD facilitators, so we can talk you through the process and recommend an approach that will guarantee successful results every time. Our HCD process allows us to collate existing data, hear your employees needs,  identify new opportunities, prototype solutions and validate a workplace strategy of your future workspace. We put you and your employees at the heart of the process – and collaborating with you is our main aim. The process can be as in-depth or as short as you like but will be primary dependant on the size and complexity of your organisation, needs, and budget.

You will be part of the stimulating process and therefore be able to contribute to the final fit-out build which will become your amazing innovative employee experience workplace!




Our HCD approach isn’t a perfectly linear approach, because each project has its own unique workplace model and identity. But the design challenge, no matter what it is, will move through these three phases: Inspiration, Ideation, and Implementation.

In this phase, we will learn how to better understand your people and the environment. We will observe your work-lives, undertake surveys, interviews, and workshops, hear your hopes and dreams, pains and fears, barriers and uncertainties, and get smart on your challenge.

Here we will make sense of everything that we have heard and observed, generate a list of top pain points and goals to solve. Create lots of ideas, identify opportunities for design and test, refine your solutions.

We now bring your hopes and dreams to life, we figure out how to get ideas to become a reality and how to maximize the impact on employees’ welfare and life-experience and business performance.


  • Sparks collaboration, creativity, and energy.
  • Helps to attract and retain the best and right staff.
  • Aligns employees with how they actually work which boost motivation & productivity.
  • Creates you an environment that embodies your company’s DNA.
  • Reduces sick days and stress.
  • Fosters an overall better day-to-day experience – and therefore better business results.
  • Facilitates wellness programs and introduces well-being within the workplace.
  • Puts employees at the heart of the strategy process and therefore guarantees outstanding employee experiences
  • Targets and solves your organisations problems and actions them quicker.
  • Increases productivity and profitability.
  • Improves health & well-being.


The results from the Human-Centered Design process will be used to start our space planning and interior design process.

The space plans and design concepts will take into consideration the wide variety of tasks each member of staff will undertake as well as focusing on increasing your well-being, celebrating your culture and giving employees the workspaces they want to work in.

Want to hear more about how our game-changing HCD process can help your business to thrive?
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Happiness is the key to success!


The Human-Centred Design process is awesome, and I would honestly recommend it to any business. It’s transformed our office into an embodiment of our culture, values and the Sorted DNA. We’re all about the wellbeing of our employees – and now we have an environment that totally caters to their needs. Cube 8 Studio have made us proud to call it our home away from home.

Vicky Pritchard _people director @


Cube 8 Studio has created nothing less than a peaceful revolution in our office environments. Our industry, chemical logistics, and storage are often associated with noisy booking offices, the scent of diesel in the air, and a hurried environment. James’s interaction with our team was exceptional, his learning of individual tasks, requests, working-practices, and merging those into a holistic design that is aesthetically “cutting-edge”, practical, robust, human-orientated, and calm. A sense of wellbeing pervades the office, people are calmer and happier and feel they have more space, time, and respect within which to work; exceptional, thank you.”

Chris Haworth _Marketing & Communications @ CSH Transport

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Senator Group_ HQ England

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Sorted Group

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