Project Management


We start each project in exactly the same way; with a blank sheet of paper. The rest is then inspired and created specifically for you, by us.

Our Process 

Depending on your needs, your objectives, your budget, your timescales and your team, each bespoke project plan is tailored to ensure the outcome is exactly as you desire. Our expert team of design consultants and project managers have worked on some of the most inspiring interior projects in the UK, so you know you’re in safe, experienced hands that can deliver exactly as promised.

Cube 8 Studio can assist with commercial or residential real estate refurbishments, office redesigns, fit outs or relocations. We manage and coordinate between all of the different teams involved, including:

  • Surveyors
  • Space Planners
  • Interior Designers
  • IT Specialists
  • M&E Engineers
  • Furniture manufacturers
  • Suppliers
  • Contractors


Right from the very beginning, during the space planning stage, we provide budget costs throughout the design process. This ensures that there are no surprises – whatever we design is within your budget and your control. This gives you peace of mind from start to finish.


There are four main contract types when running your project, and we’re able to advise on which is best for you.

Traditional_ Design, specification and tender procurement is undertaken by Cube 8 Studio. The potential contractors are provided with tender documentation and bids to win the works.

Design and build_ You appoint the main contractors to design and to construct the works. Cube 8 Studio is then appointed independently to produce the full design and specification. The contractor completes the design and carries out the construction.

Design, manage, construct_ Design and specification is undertaken by Cube 8 Studio. The contractor is appointed to manage the construction works through a series of trade contracts. This contract option is good for complex or rapid construction, because construction work can be started before the design is finished.

Open book contracting_ In an open-book contract, in its simplest form, the contractor bills the client based on the actual costs incurred for each type of service plus the agreed margin.

What it means for you

  • Avoiding pitfalls: We understand what pitfalls to avoid from the early design stages to help the project run smoothly.
  • Project focus: We have sole focus on the project at hand, freeing up time for the client and allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business.
  • One contact: The one and only contact during the project will be the project manager.
  • Quality control: The quality and final look of the project will be constantly overseen and approved by the project manager.
  • Costs: Monitors the main contracts costs and provides budget cost through early design stages.
  • Reports: Provides contract performance reports.
  • Time: Ensures the contacts runs on time and on budget.

The Cube 8 Studio project management team were vital in ensuring that the project ran smoothly, on time and to budget. In all 3 areas they excelled - I have and will continue to recommend their services wherever I can!

Chris Macangus
_Head of Commercial @