The Coppice by Orange Box

The Coppice by Orange Box

A flexible product that supports focus

Research Study 04
By_ Cube 8 Studio
May 2019

“A flexible product that supports focus”

This month our product focus is on the beautifully designed and functional product called ‘Coppice’ a new product launched by orangebox, who specialise in designing and manufacturing commercial ‘smart working’ furniture for the workplace. Coppice is specifically designed to help an individual focus on their thinking within a busy open plan workplace environment, which is key for achieving productivity and contributing to business success.

Designing spaces for individual focused working within a busy open plan environment can sometimes be rather challenging and expensive and not so flexible, this product ticks all the right boxes for both designer and client. Existing environments sometimes lack small private spaces for knowledge-based focused workers to quickly get their head down and this leads to the problem where you see meeting rooms with just one person in or people losing concentration at their desk. This affects not only the well-being and productivity of the employees but the overall performance of the business.

What we love about Coppice! 🙂

We have been struck with the sheer elegance of ‘coppice’ which is not so common in the commercial furniture market, this beauty just oozes quality and class while functioning wonderfully well as a place for focus and concentration. Its exposed birch plywood panels bring a comfortingly familiar feel to it while the felt panels block out any noise surprising well, the simplicity and smart design make adding power and data a breeze.


Individual task lighting has both a desk mounted Circa lamp and a wall mounted Lana lamp.


Configurations include individual workbooths, cluster library Bays and focus bays.

A product for focus that oozes class and is flexible for adaptable organisations

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