Research Study 01

Research Study 01

Do plants contribute to interior design?

Do plants contribute to interior design?
By_ Sintija Sadovska
May 2019

Simply, yes.

Indoor plants play a very important role in Interior Design and are much more important that you may first think.

On average we spend over 3,500 days of our lives at work. So it is very important that our work environment is a positive space that allows us to feel comfortable, focussed and refreshed.
Adding some greenery to your space can have major positive benefits for employees and their organisations. Plants bring people together, they add character, help people to relax, increase productivity, boost creativity and create an environment for corporation and collaboration. All of which are key elements to a successful and productive work space.

Plants also affect our overall sense of well-being in so many ways. For example – Did you know that plants also improve air quality to help us breathe more easily? Whilst at the same time they add to the design and help to create the look of a space. You can use simple greenery to draw attention to certain areas, to frame or screen a view, change the acoustics, create visual depth, divide areas, visually lower the ceilings and to simply add some colour to an otherwise monotone setting.

Use plants to bring life.

Plants really add a sense of luxury and prestige to a space, they subtly display your attention to detail whilst having other added benefits. For example, people subconsciously associate tropical plants with success, and feel more confident working and dealing with companies that have plants in their built environment.
Your choice of plants can also influence the feel of a space. Cactus’ and succulents add a southwestern feel where as palms add a sense of exclusivity. Marginatas and mass canes add the right touch to a contemporary minimalist office space, ficus trees mimic the outdoors and create a sense of casualness and friendly atmosphere.

The good news!

Plants cost less than expensive artwork and far less than the construction costs of building new walls or lowering ceilings. Although a simple and minimal effort addition to any space – they contribute so much. Improving our health, lowering our stress, and improving the way your brain works are just a few benefits of plants within interior design.

No other live element in the built environment gives back so much while looking beautiful and requiring so little.

With love from Cube 8 Studio :)

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