Space Planning

The physical space arrangement of your organisations work patterns, that can help your business to reduce real estate costs, be more flexible and productive.


We believe that building a winning space plan is all about the research that goes on before we even put pen to paper. You get out of it what you put in.

Our Process 

At Cube 8 Studio, we understand that space planning is one of the most important, yet challenging, elements of the workplace design & fit-out process.

Therefore we first start with our Human-Centred Design (HCD) process to ensure we have everything we need before space planning. HCD arms with all the info needed to produce a first class space plan that aligns with your current and future needs. Getting it right early on reduces plan revisions, wasted time, cost, undue stress and leaves you to get on with your day to day job knowing nothing is missed.

Benefits of Space Plans

  • Aiding better collaboration.
  • Introducing flexible & agile work settings.
  • Increasing flexibility of future growth.
  • Maximising the views and access to light.
  • Introducing better furniture, fittings, and equipment.
  • Marketing space for potential occupiers.
  • Adding or removing cellular space.
  • Adding welfare facilities.
  • Testing fits or max pack floor density layouts.
  • Moving to a new building, having a company merger, acquisition or property lease break



Cube 8 Studio exceeded our expectations when we first saw the space plans, wow!

David Grimes


A winning space plan can optimise your space utilisation and save you thousands of pounds on real estate costs as well as aid better collaboration, collision, productivity, and belonging.

Senator Group_ HQ England

Senator Group_ HQ England

LOCATION: Altham, Accrington UK
SIZE: 50,000 sqft
SECTOR: Manufacturing
SERVICES: Building Appraisal, Space Planning, Brand & Identity, Interior Design, Furniture & Accessories

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Sorted Group

Sorted Group

LOCATION: Albert Sq, Manchester
SIZE:  15,500 sqft
SECTOR: Technology
SERVICES: Building Appraisal, Human-Centered, Space Planning, Interior Design, Brand & Identity, Furniture & Accessories, Project Management

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TJM Projects

TJM Projects

SIZE: 2,000 sqft
SECTOR: Construction
SERVICES:  Building Appraisal | Space Planning I Interior Design | Furniture Procurement

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Allermuir_    Chicago Showroom

Allermuir_ Chicago Showroom

LOCATION_ Chicago, The Merchandise Mart
STATUS_ Images coming soon
SIZE_ 5200 sqft
SERVICES_ Building Appraisal, Space Planning, Workplace Interior Design, Workspace Furniture

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