Workspace Furniture


We are not your typical furniture dealer, we are also specialist’s in designing and delivering amazing workplace environments, who just happen to know a lot about furniture.

How our experience can benefit you?

  • We are experts in Building Appraisals, we know a lot about how buildings are occupied.
  • We are human-centered design facilitators we have years of experience finding out about how people actually work and providing plausible furniture solutions for this.
  • We are experienced Workplace / Interior Designers, it’s our job to know a lot about fabrics and finishes.
  • We are Space Planners, we don’t just move furniture around – we turn businesses around.
  • We are experts in Brand & Identity, we know a lot about bringing out your personality within your furnishings.
  • We are 3D CGI Artists, we can visualise your furniture within your room setting.
  • We are Project Managers, we look after the delivery, move, installation and aftercare.


  • Task Seating
  • Meeting Chairs
  • Cafe Seating
  • Stools
  • Soft Seating
  • Sofas


  • Meeting & Training
  • Occasional & Low
  • Work Tables
  • Dining & High


Systems Desking

We have system desking for all budgets and all working styles, so if you’re a person who likes to sit or stand, work alone or in a team – we have a desk for you!

Storage Solutions

Storage does not have to look boring, we make sure it looks great while accommodating all your storage and filing needs.

  • Personal: Pedestals, lockers, cloaks
  • Office: Full and part height cupboards
  • Cabinets & hanging solution


Designer Chairs

We have key accounts all throughout europe with amazing manufacturers that continuously deliver beautiful designer chairs for those key areas.


Agile & Collaboration

We have many agile and collaborative furniture solutions that enable you to work away from your typical desk to give you maximum flexibility and minimum constraints – to optimise your performance and to do your best work”.



Booths & Benches

The perfect solution for semi private ad hoc meetings, waiting and holding areas, focused working and dining, all of which can be transformed into your fabric colour of choice to fit your personality and brand.


Acoustic Solutions

Workplace environments can be a noisy place if they have not been designed correctly in the first place which in turn can have a great effect on individual performance. Our acoustics solutions can reduce noise considerably without you going to the unnecessary costs of redesigning your whole workspace.

Reception Areas

First impressions count so if your a company your reception area should embody your organisations personality and brand. We get to find out who you are and then select the right furniture and finishes to suit your style and needs.

If it’s a common area reception within a shared building we can select beautiful furniture or create a show stopping reception area that will attract and retain tenants within the building.

Bespoke solutions

Our bespoke furniture solutions are tailor-made to suit your needs, as not all standard furniture fits all. We design solutions and collaborate with traditional joinery, metalwork and upholsterer workshops to bring your unique product to a reality.



We believe accessories play a vital role in personalising a space and changing a space from great to wow! We can provide a full service of selecting the right accessories for your workspace, procuring and installing them.

We can work to any budget and have key accounts with some of europe’s best trade warehouses whereby we purchase; wall, ceiling and floor lights, plants, shelves, desk and wall accessories, artwork and frames, cushions and throws and just about anything that makes your space look wow!



We are not just furniture suppliers - we happen to also design and deliver amazing environments for Businesses to thrive.

Allermuir_    Chicago Showroom

Allermuir_ Chicago Showroom

STATUS_ Design Stage
SIZE_ 5200 sqft
SERVICES_ Building Appraisal, Space Planning, Workplace Interior Design, Workspace Furniture

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Senator Group_ london showroom

Senator Group_ london showroom

LOCATION_ Clerkenwell, London
STATUS_ Design Stage
SIZE_ 14,000 sqft
SERVICES_ Building Appraisal, Space Planning, Workplace Interior Design, Workspace Furniture

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Senator Group_ HQ England

Senator Group_ HQ England

LOCATION_ Altham, Accrington
STATUS_ On-going
SIZE_ 50,000 sqft
SERVICES_ Space Planning, Brand & Identity, Workplace Design, Furniture & Accessories

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ELECTRA HOUSE_ co-working space

ELECTRA HOUSE_ co-working space

LOCATION_ Arndale Centre, Manchester
STATUS_ Completed, 2019
SIZE_ 10,000 sqft
SERVICES_ Interior Design

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