Brand & Identity

Embodying your companies brand & identity into your physical environment to pave the way for an extraordinary culture.


We believe that your brand should be celebrated, however big or small it may be. After all, it’s your brand that paves the way for an extraordinary culture.

Our Process 

Our biggest source of creative influence comes directly from you.

We take the DNA of your organisation and put it under a microscope. By exploring and investigating, we discover who you are and who you want to be.

Our experienced graphic designers can give your brand a complete makeover, a quick polish and refresh, or they’ll work with it exactly how it is.

Then, the rest is up to you. We can inject your identity into your environment as much or as little as you like. Our Human-Centred Design phase includes workshops and meetings to ensure we understand exactly what you want from the branding and identity in your space.

Through clever use of materials, unique products and beautiful finishes, we’ll showcase the best of your business in a space that will become the centre of your world.




We are passionate about combining functionality and aesthetics by choosing materials, colours, graphics, branding and signage to strengthen the design and the brand.

What this means for you

  • Sense of belonging and celebration of culture for staff
  • Increased purpose, motivation, productivity and teamwork
  • Visiting clients feel the scale and professionalism of your business
  • Infusers colour and personality into your environment which promotes happiness.

Most people provide great value to change the world but not many become the embodiment of that which they want the world to be. Don’t be frightened to show the real you to the world, authenticity is at the heart of success!

James C Scott
Founder @ Cube 8 Studio

Senator Group_ HQ England

Senator Group_ HQ England

LOCATION: Altham, Accrington UK
SIZE: 50,000 sqft
SECTOR: Manufacturing
SERVICES: Building Appraisal, Space Planning, Brand & Identity, Interior Design, Furniture & Accessories

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Sorted Group

Sorted Group

LOCATION: Albert Sq, Manchester
SIZE:  15,500 sqft
SECTOR: Technology
SERVICES: Building Appraisal, Human-Centered, Space Planning, Interior Design, Brand & Identity, Furniture & Accessories, Project Management

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TJM Projects

TJM Projects

SIZE: 2,000 sqft
SECTOR: Construction
SERVICES:  Building Appraisal | Space Planning I Interior Design | Furniture Procurement

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Allermuir_    Chicago Showroom

Allermuir_ Chicago Showroom

LOCATION_ Chicago, The Merchandise Mart
STATUS_ Images coming soon
SIZE_ 5200 sqft
SERVICES_ Building Appraisal, Space Planning, Workplace Interior Design, Workspace Furniture

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Equality Human Rights Commission

Equality Human Rights Commission

LOCATION: London, Manchester
SIZE: Various
COMPLETED: Coming Soon
SECTOR: Government
SERVICES_ Building Appraisal, Space planning, Brand & Identity, Interior Design, Furniture

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CSH Transport

CSH Transport

LOCATION: Blackburn
SIZE: 6,200 sqft
COMPLETED: Coming Soon
SECTOR: Logistics
SERVICES_ Building Appraisal, Space planning, Brand & Identity, Interior Design

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